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Our vision

A vision of creator Jacqueline Joaquin, a fashion industry veteran and long-time Brooklyn resident, who is happy to offer something new and exciting to the area. She has been through it all with personal fitness training, and she knows what it’s like to try to find a good trainer in NYC but end up with lackluster results in expensive and busy gyms with less than adequate equipment and facilities. Because of this she is focused on creating the best experience for you possible.

Here the focus is on YOU, and on providing you with the time, attention, and the quality training that you deserve. Our goal is to provide exceptional personal fitness training in a beautiful and luxurious space without the pressure or the drama.

Getting Back to Basics...

Our philosophy is to provide the best and most effective personal training program available tailored specifically for you. 






We develop exercise programs that are based on science where the emphasis is placed on building a solid foundation, then building on that foundation to develop strength and conditioning. We also provide specialized training and correction for movement and injuries, and design training to fit your unique body and specific needs. Our model is to provide you with the best variety of functional training, corrective exercise, muscle and strength building techniques. 

Using our years of experience, training education, high tech software, and best-in-class facilities and equipment, we design a personal fitness training program tailored to you. Based on your specific needs and goals, your individualized program will finally give you the results you are looking for.  In small groups or one-on-one personal training, getting it back is fun and exciting, and most of all, EFFECTIVE!


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